Representation sent to MoFPI on Making India a Cocoa Processing Hub

A representation on Making India a Cocoa Processing Hub was sent to Mr. Preet Pal Singh, Joint Secretary, Government of India. Cocoa being a unique intercrop in India aids in doubling farmers’ income. Indian cocoa trees have one of the highest yields globally. Today, India grows around 20,000 MT of cocoa beans, whereas the domestic demand is around 120,000 MT. There is an annual deficit of more than 100,000 MT in India. With domestic demand far outweighing the supply, there is a huge import dependence for both cocoa beans and its byproducts. During the last 3 years (Apr 2020 – Jan 2023), India imported cocoa products of more than $1 billion in value (with a year-on-year growth rate of more than 20%). The industry seeks government support in driving this sector towards greater growth and long-term sustainability through interventions like waiver on import duty on cocoa beans, incentives for establishing cocoa processing units & to promote cocoa cultivation. Cocoa can add significant value to the economy. It provides social, economic, and environmental benefits across value chain i.e., starting from cultivation of crop, processing it to make cocoa products, and using it domestically or for exports. Therefore, waiver of import duty and encouragement to the processing sector will prove beneficial to the Indian economy.