Past Events

Northern Region Executive Committee Meeting – 14 July 2023

AMCHAM’s Northern Region Executive Committee met virtually on July 14th. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Neeraj Sethi, Chairman – Northern Region, AMCHAM and Country Director India & Bangladesh, Baker Hughes India. Members deliberated on various initiatives with a common purpose in the interest of U.S. industry. With investment being propped up significantly to drive the $500 billion agenda, while there are success factors for companies who have already invested in India, there also are challenges that they face on a continuous basis. There are adequate issues that could be highlighted for advocacy and policy initiatives regarding ease of doing business and addressing fundamental issues at the policy level. Consistency of policy, investments in sustainability and sustainable growth, opportunities for bridging the gap between scaling up/expanding and the counterintuitive effect towards net zero – while not being detrimental to investment efforts, emerged as the main points to assimilate across sectors. The Executive Committee would put together an outline clarifying the target accomplishment and share advance inputs with sectoral committees for a larger involvement towards discussion and thought assimilation. The aim, thereafter, would be to target a discussion with the Government of India and identify consensus points to enable preparing a whitepaper.