Past Events

Manufacturing Committee Meeting – 08 December 2023

AMCHAM’s Manufacturing Committee held a hybrid meeting on December 8th at the CBRE office in Gurugram under the leadership of Mr. Mukul Varshney, Co-Chairman – Manufacturing Committee, AMCHAM and R1-Director – Corporate Affairs, Media and Communications India, Africa, SE Asia, Middle East, Asia Pacific, Region 1 – John Deere. Mr. Varshney warmly welcomed members and encouraged members to raise ease of business challenges by sending a detailed note to AMCHAM for taking forward with the government. Speaking on diversity, equity, and inclusion, he suggested enhanced focus and encouragement of having more women in the manufacturing sector and shared best practices at John Deere. Mr. Rajesh Edlabadkar, Senior General Manager, Supply Management, John Deere India shared about supply chain management priorities and the outlook with various geopolitical challenges with an emphasis on resiliency, visibility/transparency, risks and sustainability. During the interactive meeting members shared challenges and concerns related to manufacturing. The committee decided to organize a manufacturing focused session on Digital Personal Data Protection Act 2023, explore site visits with innovative best practices incorporated and to create an internal committee document on members’ manufacturing footprint.