Past Events

Legal Docket Series: Data, Data Privacy and Competition Law; Concerns Around Artificial Intelligence – 31 August 2023

As part of the Legal Docket Series, AMCHAM organized an insightful hybrid session on August 31st, in collaboration with Dua Associates, a leading Indian law firm specializing in competition law, on the critical intersection of data and competition law in the Indian business landscape. The session was attended by members representing various sectors and industries. The session was a platform for members to explore and deliberate upon crucial issues surrounding data, competition law, and AI in a business environment. It served as a valuable opportunity for networking, knowledge sharing, and strategizing for enterprises operating in India’s dynamic market.

The key discussion points covered included: CCI’s approach to data and competition law, data as non-price competition, network effects and ‘winner takes all,’ AI and data usage and strategies for compliance. In the latter part of the session, the focus shifted towards practical strategies that enterprises can adopt to ensure compliance with Indian competition law while effectively utilizing data. The discussion included insights from legal experts on navigating the complex regulatory landscape.