Past Events

Knowledge Sharing Session on Digital Supply Chain – 19 January 2024

AMCHAM’s Supply Chain & Logistics Committee organized a highly enlightening knowledge sharing session centered around the theme of digital supply chain on January 19th virtually with Mr. Sushant Rabra, Partner, KPMG, as the guest speaker. The session drew a diverse audience of industry professionals in the supply chain and logistics domain, representing a broad spectrum of sectors. The discussion provided valuable perspectives on the evolving landscape of digital transformation in supply chain management and emphasized the crucial role of a digitally enabled supply chain as a key enabler to realize the overarching vision. Mr. Rabra delved into the transformative impact of emerging technologies which are shaping new paradigms within the modern-day supply chain landscape. Key topics covered included understanding digital enablers, exploring the vital digital technologies propelling transformation, and the integration of Generative AI into the supply chain ecosystem. ESG emerged as a non-negotiable element, with the entire supply chain becoming integral to ESG strategy. The discussion also touched upon the significance of as-a-service platforms, presenting novel opportunities for effective supply chain management. Notably, the growing interdependence of digital and functional capabilities was highlighted, foreseeing an inversion of the skill pyramid within the function.