Past Events

Interaction with USTDA Officials – 30th October 2018

AMCHAM held a thought-provoking interaction over breakfast, on the energy sector, with visiting USTDA officials led by Mr. Todd Abrajano, Senior Advisor to the Director, Mr. John Krotzer, Country Manager, South Asia, and Ms. Mehnaz Ansari, Country Representative, South Asia, at the U.S. Embassy, New Delhi on 30th October 2018. Mr. Abrajano informed participants that 50% of USTDA activity was in the energy sector and its export multiplier (ROI) was the highest in USTDA history, returning $104 for every dollar invested in USTDA activities. He highlighted the U.S. Natural Gas Export Initiative and support for related LNG import infrastructure. Ms. Ansari and Mr. Krotzer gave the background leading to the MoU between AMCHAM and CHT (MoPNG) in May ’18 for U.S. India collaboration in refining and petrochemicals. They informed members about the Global Procurement Initiative by USTDA in Houston, attended by RTM companies from India, and their appreciation of the life cycle value addition concept as opposed to the lowest cost bidder criteria. In the open interaction that followed, participants shared their insights on bio-fuels, technology for conversion of biomass to bio-crude, operational risk solutions, local procurement practices, areas of business opportunity, etc. The meeting concluded with a vote of thanks from Ms. Madhvi Kataria, Deputy Director-General, AMCHAM India.