Past Events

Fifth Meeting of the Core Group for Standardization of Commonly Procured Medical Devices – 25 January 2019

The 5th meeting of the core group for standardization of commonly procured medical devices was organized by the Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) at the National Institute for Training for Standardization (NITS), Noida, on January 25th, 2019. AMCHAM members were invited for this meeting which was chaired by Dr. SB Sinha, National Health Systems Resource Center (NHSRC), and other members included Mr. Prakash Bachani, Head -MHD, BIS, Mr. Deepak Aggarwal, Scientist E, BIS, Kalam Institute of Health Technology (KIHT), HLL Infratech Services ltd. (HITES), industry associations and representatives from the medical devices Industry.

A list of commonly procured medical devices was shared in earlier meetings with the core group and each industry association was assigned the task to help BIS find reference to international standards (ISO/IEC) from the list. In the case no international standard reference was found, the core group would help BIS to formulate Indian standards. BIS updated core group members on the pending action items from the last meeting and went through the remaining list of devices for standardization. With inputs received from core group members, P-drafts have also been initiated by BIS which would be shared with the core group for comments by BIS.