Past Events

Energy Committee Meeting – 20 November 2020

The AMCHAM Energy Committee met on November 20th to welcome Ms. Aileen Nandi, Honorary USG Chair – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Minister Counselor, Commercial Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Mr. Chirag Baijal, Co-Chairman – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Chairman & MD, Commercial HVAC, Carrier India and Mr. John Speaks, Acting Minister Counselor for Energy, Environment, Science & Technology, U.S. Embassy. Ms. Preetha Nair, Chairperson – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Head, True North Venture Partners, welcomed the new leadership team on behalf of the committee. This was followed by an interaction with members on the proposed U.S.-India webinar series with the Centre for High Technology (CHT) on refining and petrochemicals in early 2021, topics for AMCHAMs 29th AGM in April 2021 and views of members on business issues, particularly about the absorption of disruptive technologies.

Members felt that initiatives like a single-window for energy, appointment of a nodal agency (such as CHT with Scientific Advisory Council(SAC) under MoPNG) and a policy framework for innovative technologies with a progressive procurement policy would accelerate the absorption of disruptive/innovative technologies. A working group post the webinar would help to address challenges faced in promoting disruptive technologies and to facilitate collaboration between U.S. and Indian companies.

While the objective of the webinar series was ‘disruptive technologies and their adoption at an accelerated pace in the oil and gas sector’ it was felt that the 29thAGM could take up ‘energy efficiency and sustainable growth’ together participation in sustainable growth as part of the state-level focus at AGM. Ms. Nair informed members that inputs/suggestions were sought from CHT on the program format and the agenda for the webinar and that an energy door knock was being considered later in 2021, COVID-19 permitting. The meeting ended with a special thanks to Mr. Nathan Halat, U.S. Embassy, Mr. Mahmoud Jardaneh, Department of Energy, U.S. Embassy, Ms. Renie Subin, U.S. Embassy and Ms .Mehnaz Ansari, USTDA, for their support to the committee.