Past Events

Energy Committee Meeting – 22nd January 2020

A meeting of AMCHAM’s Energy Committee was held on January 22nd at the U.S. Embassy and was chaired by Ms. Preetha Nair, Chairperson – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Head Asia, True North Venture Partners, Mr. Robert Garverick, Honorary USG Chair – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Minister Counselor for Economic, Environment, Science and Technology Affairs, U.S. Embassy, Ms. Dinah McDougall, Honorary USG Chair – Energy Cooperation Program, AMCHAM and Commercial Officer, U.S. Embassy.

The committee deliberated on the agenda and preparation for the upcoming CHT roundtable on February 4th, advocacy for the development of static energy storage, the promotion of energy efficiency through engagement with USAID, Bureau of Energy Efficiency, cooling as a service, etc. It was felt that individual issues of members can be taken up through the fast track mechanism with DPIIT. Best practices in procurement and digital transformation were key areas of common interest to plan future activities.