Past Events

Energy Committee Meeting – 14 July 2022

AMCHAM’s Energy Committee met on July 14th to discuss opportunities, concerns and policy support required for energy transition to a low-carbon future. Mr. Amitabh Kumar, Program Director, AMCHAM, welcomed participants and acknowledged the leadership and support provided by Mr. Mahmoud Jardaneh (MJ), Energy Attaché, U.S. Embassy and Ms. Tavleen Kaur, U.S. Embassy in organizing the pre-recorded messages from the leadership of the U.S. Department of Energy at the energy sessions over the last three AGMs in 2020, 2021 and 2022.

Dr. Amit Paithankar, Chairman – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Vice President – Advance Design Center & Managing Director, South Asia, Emerson and Mr. Mr. Chirag Baijal, Co-Chairman – Energy Committee, AMCHAM and Managing Director, Commercial HVAC and Chairman of the Board, Carrier India, set the context under the U.S.-India Strategic Clean Energy Partnership for member interaction. Members discussed various solutions such as carbon capture, biofuels, sustainable aviation fuel, small scale nuclear, carbon pricing and carbon markets, ESCO, etc. and their current status of deployment. Policy support and a collaborative approach were seen as critical in scaling demonstration projects to a commercially viable deployment. The Committee’s Chairman invited specific concerns and policy support suggestions from members for advocacy with concerned stakeholders. Some immediate actions were also identified.