Past Events

Direct Selling Working Group – Brainstorming Session - 16 April 2024

AMCHAM organized a hybrid brainstorming session with direct selling U.S. companies to chart out objectives of the Direct Selling Working Group on April 16th in New Delhi. Representatives from 4Life, Amway India, Forever Living Products (India), Herbalife, Sunrider International and Tupperware participated. From the U.S. Embassy, Ms. Anastasia Mukherjee, Commercial Officer, Mr. Naveen Rai, Sr. Commercial Specialist (Policy & Government Relations) and Ms. Anisha Shashidharan, Commercial Specialist joined the meeting. Members discussed potential representations with various government departments and advocacy requirements for certain rules and regulations. The socio-economic contribution that U.S. direct selling companies make in India regarding skilling initiatives, women’s empowerment, livelihoods and manufacturing, was also discussed.