Past Events

CSR Committee Best Practice Site Visit – Honeywell Safe Schools – 10th October 2019

AMCHAM’s CSR Committee organized a best practice site visit to a CSR project by Honeywell, with their NGO partner SEEDS India, on October 10th in New Delhi. CSR specialists from member companies attended the event to experience first-hand the success of this unique project. Members interacted with the principal and teachers of the school, Dr. Anshu Sharma, Co-Founder, SEEDS and Mr. Naveen Shukla, Program Manager, Honeywell Safe Schools. Ms. Sangita Ghalay, Co-Chairperson – CSR Committee, AMCHAM and Head – CSR, Honeywell India, shared about Honeywell’s pan India partnership with SEEDS.

Members interacted with incredibly bright students who have been putting their newfound safety knowledge into practice, not only at their school, but also at home and in their communities. The site visit included a school tour, demonstrations and drum circle with students.

Honeywell Safe Schools takes a comprehensive approach to school safety. It seeks to ensure that children go to school without fear, remain safe in school, and return home safely. This is a pioneering school safety program that brings a tailor-made approach to address the unique issues of each school or location involving structural assessment of each school by engineers and architects, evaluation of risk perception, and examination of preparedness in the face of any natural or manmade disaster. Between 2017 and 2022, the program will reach 83,000 children, 90,000 parents, and 2,900 teachers in 150 government schools across Delhi and Uttarakhand states.