Past Events

Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee Meeting – 11 August 2023

AMCHAM’s Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee organized a hybrid committee meeting on August 11th at the Genpact office, Gurugram. Ms. Komple Sharma, Director, AMCHAM, welcomed participants. Mr. Gaurav Ajmani, Chairman – Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee, AMCHAM and Associate General Counsel: Business Conduct & Ethics, Amazon Seller Services (P) Ltd. and Ms. Bhawna A. Ranganadhan, Co-Chairperson – Anti-Corruption & FCPA Compliance Committee, AMCHAM and Associate General Counsel, Legal and Compliance, Genpact gave opening remarks and set the scene for the meeting. The theme of the meeting was ‘Embracing the Evolution: Navigating Governance, Risk, Compliance, and Discovery Amidst Emerging Data Sources.’ Mr. Avigyan Das, Senior Managing Director – Technology, FTI Consulting and Mr. Rohit Dhingra, Managing Director – Risk Advisory & Investigations, FTI Consulting were the expert speakers. The interactive session covered fraud and triggers of investigation, shifts in the business landscape, pillars of investigation and challenges, data risks and governance, emerging data sources, technology, and threats. Members learnt the complexities of emerging data sources and how independent and supplementary resources, with relevant expertise and presence, could help the in-house team navigate these challenges. More than 20 members attended the meeting.