Past Events

AMCHAM’S Supply Chain & Logistics (SCL) Committee Sharing and Learning Concall – 18th November 2015

The SCL Sharing and Learning Concall opened with Mr. Nikhil Kush, Chairperson, Supply Chain & Logistics Committee welcoming the committee members and the guest speaker for the call, Mr. Tishey Sharma, Head Commercial, Wrigley India. Mr. Sharma shared an insightful presentation on ‘Best Practices in Procurement at Mars India’ beginning with their efforts in sustainability and its contributions to society through its various CSR initiatives. The highlight of the presentation was a detailed explanatory on supplier owned inventory (SOI) practice in procurement carried out at Mars India. An engaging interactive Q&A during and post presentation covered a range of queries from warehousing to KPI’s. The sharing and learning session concluded with Surabhi thanking Mr. Sharma for the valuable information shared through the presentation.

The session was followed by the SCL committee meeting which began with Ms. Surabhi Wahal sharing updates about the sectoral committees that were discussed at the recently held AmCham NEB meeting. The committee members agreed on adhering to the national agenda that will be set up by the board, and will put together a one-page document on it’s the vision, mission and agenda statement to be shared at the AGM.

The core committee members shared updates and opened up to ideas from committee members on the forthcoming SCL face-to-face meeting and event scheduled for Wednesday, 16th December 2015 at the E.I DuPont office in Mumbai.

Ms. Surabhi closed the call by thanking the members present for their participation and their efforts in making it an engaging and productive session.