Vision and Mission


The American Chamber of Commerce in India (AMCHAM – India) is an association of American business organizations operating in India. AMCHAM – India is a member to the Chamber of Commerce of USA, Washington DC, U.S.A. (COCUSA) and the AmChams of Asia Pacific.




Established in 1992, AMCHAM has over 400 U.S. companies as members. The incumbent U.S. Ambassador to India is the Honorary President of AMCHAM. AMCHAM enjoys a very close relationship with the U.S. Embassy and complete support in fulfilling its objectives.


AMCHAM’s principal objectives are:


a) Promote activities that would encourage and stimulate investment by U.S. companies in India

b) Support ongoing business operations of its members

c) Encourage bilateral trade between the U.S. and India


AMCHAM fulfills these objectives in a variety of ways, such as:

  • Providing a forum on an organized basis in which American business organizations in India can discuss and identify common issues and interests regarding their economic and commercial interests in India and/or the United States.
  • Providing opportunities to members to represent and express their views and opinions, especially regarding trade, commerce, finance, services, industry, agriculture and related issues and to seek to understand and give effect to such opinions to the extent considered desirable and possible.
  • Maintaining Sectoral Committees to implement the primary objectives of these committees.
  • Undertake advocacy on policies and procedures affecting AMCHAM members’ operations in specific sectors as well as affecting the growth of foreign direct investment in India.