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Healthcare Services Committee

The Healthcare Services committee is focused on creating value for India’s healthcare delivery system through sustainable interactions with U.S. Embassy, Governments of India at the Centre and State. This is to catalyse increased engagements among healthcare stakeholders towards improved patient care outcomes and health for all. It aims for healthcare services that are safe, accessible, high quality, people-centred, and integrated are critical for moving towards universal health coverage. Service delivery systems are responsible for providing health services for patients, persons, families, communities and populations in general, and not only care for patients.

Healthcare services would also consider the whole spectrum of care from promotion and prevention to diagnostic, rehabilitation and palliative care, as well all levels of care including self-care, home care, community care, primary care, long-term care, hospital care, in order to provide integrated health services throughout the life course. The healthcare services and technology market are growing rapidly, which creates opportunities, risks, and structural questions for companies in the sector and those in the broader healthcare value chain.


Working Groups

1. Medical Technology

Chairperson: Ms. Meenakshi Nevatia
Vice President & Managing Director
Stryker India

Co-Chairman: Mr. Manoj Madhavan
Managing Director
Boston Scientific

Secretariat: Mr. Shanky B. Xavier

Medical technology advances in the last few decades have not only changed the practice of medicine, but have also saved lives, increased access to care and improved quality of life. Life expectancy has boosted manifold across the world owing to advances in medical technology. Consistently, scientists made major advances in our understanding of the genetic code and transfer RNA and setting the stage for the exciting fields of genomics, epigenomics and bioengineering.

AMCHAM has been working towards highlighting the critical role of the medical device industry in the healthcare scenario and working on the policy framework with the government for creating and improving the ecosystem for medical devices in delivery of world-class treatment, preventive medicare and diagnostics. The working group aims to foster a partnership with government and trade bodies and promote policies that ensure sustainable access to the latest, highest quality medical technologies by healthcare professionals and their patients in India.


2. Pharmaceutical

Chairman:  Mr. Sarthak Ranade
Managing Director – Janssen India
Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd.

Secretariat:  Mr. Shanky B. Xavier

The pharma working group is keen to be an active partner with government, non-governmental organizations and other stakeholders in the area of healthcare with a focus on improving the health and quality of life of Indian people by discovering, developing and making available safe, cost-effective and quality medicines. The group also discusses the regulatory environment for the pharma industry in India.

Honorary USG Chairperson: 
Ms. Aileen Nandi
Minister Counselor for Commercial Affairs
U.S. Embassy

Industry Chairman: 
Mr. Rehan A. Khan
Managing Director – MSD India Region
MSD Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. 

Mr. Shanky B. Xavier

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