American Chamber of Commerce in India
Apex Chamber of US Industry in India


AMCHAM India takes up issues and concerns that impact American business in India. Operational challenges faced by U.S. companies are regularly addressed to ministries and departments of both the government of India and the U.S. government.

The communication to the government is spearheaded by AMCHAM committees and representations are made after extensive consultation with member companies. Copies of AMCHAM’s formal communication to the government can be viewed here.

Communication to Government

Recommendation sent to Amb. Arun Singh, Member, NSAB, PMO on the U.S. – India partnership in High Technology

AMCHAM recommendations on the US-India partnership in high technology were sent to Amb. Arun Singh, Member, NSAB, PMO on July 21, 2022, citing important points such as critical infrastructure and supply chain security, quantum computing, trusted supply chain, India-US...

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Recommendation on the Health Cess

AMCHAM's Medical Technology Working group has appealed to reconsider the burden on Imported Devices for better patient Affordability to Dr. Guruprasad Mohapatra, Secretary, DPIIT, along with Invest India too on 1st May 2020.

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By joining AMCHAM India, you become part of an active and dynamic Apex Chamber of U.S. Industry in India with a membership base of more than 400 American companies in India. AMCHAM is an important voice for policy advocacy, a critical source for business intelligence, a vibrant platform for networking and expanding your business.