By joining AMCHAM India, you become part of an active and dynamic American business association with a membership base of more than 400 American companies in India. AMCHAM is an important voice for policy advocacy, a critical source for business intelligence, a vibrant platform for networking and expanding your business.




AMCHAM has 15 committees. These committees discuss policies and procedures relevant to specific industry sectors. Based on the inputs provided by members, AMCHAM prepares position papers and initiates dialogue with government authorities from time to time. These committees are headed by senior members of AMCHAM having expertise in the respective sector.


Meetings with Indian and U.S. Government Officials


AMCHAM regularly meets with the U.S. Ambassador,the Honorary President of the Chamber, as well as the Economic, Commercial, Consular Sections and other U.S. diplomats for interaction on important policy measures, trade and investment issues, and business opportunities in both countries.


Regional Linkages


AMCHAM provides business linkages with neighbouring countries such as Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, Maldives, Bhutan, Mynamar and Nepal by mounting delegations through AMCHAMs in these countries and other bilateral chambers to explore more business opportunities for U.S. companies.


Breakfast, Luncheon and Dinner Meetings


AMCHAM offers many networking opportunities through participation in breakfast meetings where members interact with each other and hear distinguished speakers. Luncheon meetings are held regularly with U.S. and Indian government official or visiting trade and investment missions providing ample opportunities to members to expand their networks.




AMCHAM provides updated and useful business information through the following channels:


  • Website: The website gives information on the various activities, committees, memoranda sent to government departments, list of members and media coverage.


  • Surveys:  conducted from time to time on matters of concern and interest to its member companies.


  • AMCHAM Directory of Members: The directory is a yearly publication which gives updated information on member companies and their business interests in India.


  • AMCHAM Update: AMCHAM Update is a bi-monthly news magazine of AMCHAM India and is packed with information on developments in U.S.-India business relations, policy initiatives, articles on topical subjects and overview of recent events.


  • Other publications: AMCHAM brings out various publications with the help of its knowledge partners on important subjects.




AMCHAM provides its member companies an opportunity to meet with key decision-makers and share their individual company concerns and contribute to sustainable solutions.


Advertising Opportunities



AMCHAM provides advertising opportunities to its members in its publications including Members’ Directory, Update and other publications brought out from time to time.


Company Promotion


AMCHAM India member companies have the opportunity to take advantage of AMCHAM’s network and event planning services when their high level leadership is visiting from the U.S. AMCHAM helps organize a well-planned event for useful interaction with the visiting leadership and its members.


Networking Opportunities Abroad


AMCHAM provides networking opportunities through AMCHAM India’s affiliation to:


  • U.S. Chamber of Commerce in Washington, D.C.
  • AmChams of Asia Pacific
  • AMCHAMs in other countries


Social and Networking Events


AMCHAM regularly organizes golf tournaments, holiday parties, etc. providing an opportunity for social get-togethers and networking with members and other invitees.