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Civil Aviation industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing in the country during the last three years. India has become the third largest domestic aviation market in the world and aims to become the largest by 2030. India’s Civil Aviation industry has flown many miles, set numerous milestones, and overcome many challenges to become one of the world’s most lucrative aviation markets. The growth of the sector has been monumental. To unleash its true potential, the government has set up a roadmap to achieve the vision of 2047 for the civil aviation sector of India focusing on policies aimed at modernisation, future technologies, and last mile connectivity.

The AMCHAM Aviation committee discusses the growth and development of the aviation sector in India and addresses opportunities, challenges, and policy framework for private sector participation. The committee meets officials at the Ministry of Civil Aviation and other offices to take up issues on behalf of aviation companies, MROs, and other players in the civil aviation sector. The committee aims to submit position papers and advocacy documents with a focus on policy support and Make in India. The development of tourism and travel has contributed to increased passenger traffic in India and the growing emphasis on regional connectivity, expansion of existing airports and construction of new greenfield airports have driven an upward trend in the Indian Civil Aviation industry. U.S. companies support the Ministry of Civil Aviation’s vision to promote rapid growth of the sector, improve the ease of doing business, advance regional connectivity, and open flying opportunities to India’s largely untapped market of over 300 million middle-class citizens by enhancing affordability and connectivity. AMCHAM companies have been significant partners in the growth of the sector and are committed to bring the best technology and provide gainful employment at every level of operation while offering technology solutions, cooperation and partnership with Indian industry and skills development empowering women participation in aerospace and sustainability.